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CAN/CANopen Bootloader For Microchip PIC24/dsPIC33

by EmSA

Powerful and flexible CANopen compliant source code. Designed for small footprint applications.

The main benefit of a CANopen compliant bootloader is that regular CANopen configuration tools can be used to perform the code download on PCs with CANbus interfaces as the in bootloader mode the device will still operate as a regular CANopen conformant device.

The bootloader implements a minimal node in a CANopen network as specified in the CiA Draft Standard Proposal 302: "Framework for Programmable CANopen Devices". It allows the use of regular CANopen master software or configuration tools which support domains, such as CANopen Magic, to download new firmware into the user flash code memory.

This version of the CANopen bootloader is for the Microchip PIC23/dsPIC33 family.

Once the bootloader has been activated (by writing to a specific Object Dictionary entry in your application), new firmware is written to entry 1F50H,01H. Once written, writing 01H to 1F51,01H will reset the device and the new application will start to execute.

What's Included

Deliverables include the electronic data sheet generated, as well as the source code including documentation and test reports.

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